How to apply and what happens next
Application process
Select a course
Go to courses page, pick a course (for example in "Mathematics for 11-16") and hit the apply button.
Log in / Sign up
Once you hit the apply button, you will either need to log in or sign up on this website. It will take less than a minute. We ask parents to create an account if the child is below 13 years old.
Continue on the personal page
Once you have logged in, you will see your personal page. All the further instructions about application process are there. It will not take long.
What happens next
Once you logged in your personal page and applied for a course from there, we will receive your application and get back to you when we make a decision. Once we make a decision we will email you (usually happens a day or two after the application deadline).

If the application is successful, we will give access to most important things for running lessons to the email(s) you put in the application form. We will also email the details about the payments (if this is applicable to your course). All of the links (for example to access the lessons) can be found on your personal page on this website.

We recommend you join our channel on Telegram to stay updated. Feel free to message us on Telegram or email us ( if you are lost / have any questions.