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A few courses been recently launched. Go to "personal page" to find more details if you are a current student.
Welcome to our online mathematics & programming club!
We are a group of students from top universities around the world, mostly from the University of Cambridge. Our goal is to teach cool and useful mathematics to pupils who finished primary school all over the world.

We provide a friendly environment for doing all sort of mathematics online for English-speaking pupils. In the process of rising to the challenge children will improve logical and critical thinking, obtain necessary mathematical skills for STEM-oriented schools/universities/jobs, prepare for olympiads and simply appreciate the beauty and necessity of mathematics.
We have courses that prepare for the olympiads of different level. Students from all over the world taking these courses will have a chance to rise quicker by being in friendly competition with each other.
Sadly most school curricula make mathematics look boring, incomprehensible and useless. We have courses that are designed to change it. In particular we will answer all of the "why-s" and "what-fors" that the students have.
Even though we do not prepare for any specific exam, finishing our courses will make you ready for most of the existing school-level exams. Plus we take into account job interviews questions...
Our program is a progressive sequence of courses. Starting from almost zero, it builds up to high level serious stuff. Moreover, it takes into account connections between the STEM-related subjects/olympiads/jobs.
After online-lessons we keep in touch with our students during the week as well. Thus everyone gets personal attention as well!
The prices are quite low with some courses being free. Moreover some diligent Kvanta-students get discounts plus we can accept a few people who cannot afford our courses for no charge at all.
Other benefits
Apart from getting high-quality mathematical education and a lot of attention, there are some other benefits of being a member of Kvanta:
People who successfully finish our last courses will be added to "Kvanta-family" group chat. This will give an opportunity for our graduates (who will mostly be in high-school by then) to stay in touch with people from top-universities and join the organizing side of Kvanta.
The online space we use to run our lessons is open for participants of our courses almost all the time (you can learn more about it below). In particular, students can meet up in one of the "common rooms" in our space to play board games and socialize with one another. So students can meet smart people from all over the wolrd!
More about us
The prices can be found on courses page. Some courses are free, whereas others cost about 8 US dollars/hour. Diligent Kvanta students will get discounts for future courses. Moreover, anyone who can't afford this can still apply and explain that money is tight. It is very likely we will still take the student.
Lessons will be conducted over "Gather" and the rest of the communication after the lessons via "Telegram". Gather makes lessons much more interactive and productive so we do recommend you to click on "Learn more" and check the "educational process" :)
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