Ukraine Now: How to help & what's exactly happening
Yes, Putin has ordered to invade the whole of Ukraine (the war HAS ALREADY been there for 8 years). This website contains some of the key links to learn what's ACTUALLY happening and how can you help. It is deliberately made brief so you grasp the key points
Do not spread misinformation! Do not lie and stop trying to say things in a way that make it all sound like "Russia and Ukraine just had some disagreement" or that it is all about "Ukraine and Russia crisis". Say things THE WAY THEY ARE: Putin started a war with Ukraine and there are Ukrainians dying on the territory of Ukraine protecting other Ukrainians from the Russian aggressor.

Or what, slavery will now be "dispute between people of different colour"? And World War II will be now called "Crisis and disagreements between a bunch of countries"?

So if you have some influence over media or other important people, use it wisely! WE NEED OTHER GOVERNMENTS TO ACT, and STOP ALWAYS JUST TALKING. Finally, please share your knowledge and this website in particular.
How to directly donate to the Ukrainian army
Account: 400807238
383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179, USA
account number (if necessary): UA843000010000000047330992708

Payee name: National Bank of Ukraine
Sort code: 60-92-42
Account Number: 40000982
Reference: credit 47330992708
The account is held in JP MORGAN CHASE BANK NA, London.

SWIFT Code: MARKDEFF                                                            
Account: 5040040066 
IBAN DE05504000005040040066
Wilhelm-Epsteinn-Strabe 14, 60431  Frankfurt Am Main,Germany    
account number (if necessary): UA843000010000000047330992708
What is happening?
In short: Putin started a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. There are bombardings ALL AROUND THE PLACE, not just "some airports". Civil citizens are dying as well. Others are in life danger because of the Russians...
To all the skeptics — just think for a second! How come there are Russian helicopters, tanks all over UKRAINIAN territory? What about explosions in PEACEFUL parts of the cities? As for Putin's side of the argument -- please tell, how come Putin is the only person in the world who knows about some genocide or civil war in Ukraine? Why even Ukrainians do not know about that??? Never trust Russian's bullshit, just switch it off. It is useless and self-contradictory rubbish.

And no, the vast majority of the Ukrainians do NOT want to be a part of Russia. If you heard 2 people saying that, it does not mean it is true... Why the hell do you think Maidan happened? And how come it stopped soon after pro-Russian Janukovich left? Coincidence?? JUST THINK BEFORE YOU MAKE CONCLUSIONS!

Another note — please stop thinking that logic explain everyone's behaviour, okay? We have heard a LOT of "It does not make sense for Putin to attack" and so what? IT IS NOT necessarily the case that if something is illogical, then it will not be done.

If you want more details, please see the videos/articles/posts below.... They should give you a much better feeling of what's happening.
Videos from Ukraine
Useful channels / groups
F****rs from around the world
Certainly we will not be able to keep up with all the videos, bombardings, etc... This is just a small percentage of what UKRAINIANS see/say in/from UKRAINE. Not some possibly propaganda news
"Our army does not attack civil citizens" -- Putler
The video contains horrible content. An old woman without both legs lost after the explosion... I am not sure you should watch it. But you should know about it!!!
Watch (if you are mentally stable enough)
It is "scary" in Kharkiv (city not far from the border)
The explosions are indeed horrifying. Published on February 26, late in the evening.
Bombarding in a city of Melitopol
Video shared by Ukrainian person and shared with the world by Gulsum Khalilova, Turkmenistan journalist
PEACEFUL citizens from KYIV ARE in life-danger AS WELL. **** you Putin!!!!
It is not all about a bunch of military bases, no matter wtf the Russian propaganda says. Today (25th) people in Kiev had quite a few explosions around the city. This video is just one of the the things they saw...
Again, PEACEFUL citizen on a car RIDED OVER BY A TANK
I can't myself believe I am writing this -- yes, a peaceful human being was simply driving on a road in Kyiv and some Russians on a tank drove over him/her...
Explosions IN KYIV
If you want some big channel to confirm things, here you are: CNN reporter hears explosions live. And that is in Kiev in the early morning of the 24th (click on "watch" and scroll down a bit to see the video)
Again, NOT A MILITARY BASE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT is completely destroyed.
City of Starobelst from Luhansk district, completely destroyed houses of citizens. How many of them died, your guess?
Kherson: driving and BEING PEACEFUL DOES NOT MEAN you can't be killed as well...
During daylight, while driving on a car, you can still be bombarded. Here is a video of A VERY close explosion from a person passing by on a car
Ukrainian father says "goodbye" to his daughter
Before leaving his family, father cries before leaving his daughter...
There are A LOT of places on where to read things, we tried to pick some of them so that you do not need to jump around to find some sort of information you might need.
How Ukraine was betrayed by the Budapest agreement (USA, UK and Russia)
You MUST KNOW that the USA, Great Britain and Russia offered security assurances to Ukraine (and thus pressured it to give up nuclear weapons). How nice, right?
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About "sanctions" (from February 25th)
A lot of talking and little action: NATO and EU cannot even put proper amount of sanctions on Russia. Not even on Putin HIMSELF! Germany rejected such a motion... Italy and Hungary are against strict sanctions against Russia as well. So... Ukraine is basically alone with fighting :-/ Donations matter!
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What is even the point of the UN? 
Russia uses its power to veto things UN tries to push all the time. And check out the last veto which was against: "maintenance of international peace and security". Yeah, fuck peace. Thank you Poopin.
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